What Is VMware Server Virtualization?

For their IT requirements, many firms set up many servers, but frequently these servers aren't utilised to their maximum potential, which results in increased operational costs and inefficiencies. Server virtualization is one solution to this issue.

The development of software-based replicas of the physical server is referred to as server virtualization. One physical server is divided into multiple separate and individual virtual servers throughout the virtualization process. The resulting numerous server instances run concurrently, are functionally distinct, yet utilize the same underlying hardware.

By eliminating the need for extra physical servers, server virtualization offers businesses and IT professionals an efficient approach to increase productivity and agility inside an organization. In many situations, this also lowers IT hardware costs. Server virtualization can be used by businesses to hide resources from users of the server. The identity and number of CPUs, VM operating systems, and specific physical servers are a few examples of these concealed resources.

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